Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Heartfelt wishes ...

to everyone for a very Merry Christmas
... and after the holidays ...
start thinking about
and lace
and the All Canadian Mixed Media Valentine Swap!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Be my Valentine, eh!

We're thinking about
Hearts and Lace and Valentine's Day
... aren't you?

Welcome to the All Canadian Mixed Media Valentine Art Swap!

As of this evening, Arlene, Nicolette, Kim, Vanessa, Holly, Mar, Em, Laura and Dawn have signed up for the swap. There is still time for more artists to join.

Here is a little history behind the swap. We (Dawn & Arlene) were talking a while back about participating in ART swaps and how expensive it can get when sending to the US and overseas. So, we had the idea of hosting a All Canadian Mixed Media Valentine Art Swap. For this swap, we'll need to have at least 14 people to commit to making 13 little artsy gifties to swap out with the other people. Participants will send out our special surprises by January 25th to give them time to arrive at their destinations by February 1st. Starting on February 1st (if we have 14 participants), we would start opening one gift a day until Valentine's Day. Arlene and I have participated in both Christmas and Valentine swaps such as these, and they are great fun.

For those in the Edmonton area, we will get together at the end of January for tea and exchange our wrapped gifts. It will be great to meet up face to face.

Questions & Answers ...
Question: With postage rates proposed to go up in the new year, won't it be too expensive?
Answer: We don't expect anyone to send out large parcels. We just want everyone to create a small handmade item that hopefully can be sent in no larger than a 9x12 envelope.

Concern: I don't think I'll have enough time to complete 14 things by the end of January.
Answer: We don't expect you to "build Rome in a day" here folks. Just something Valentine-y that we can give us a boost during the dark, cold winter months.

Question: Do all the gifties have to be the same?
Answer: Yes and no. Let's say you make a bookmark. You will make 13 bookmarks, but they can all have different themes if you wish.

Question: Is there anywhere I could get ideas of the kinds of things I can make for the swap?
Answer: Go to: www.12daysofxmas.blogspot.com and look at the 2007 gifts (2008 gifts haven't been opened yet).

How will we get to see everyone's work?
Answer: We have a blog! www.canadianvalentine.blogspot.com
Please take photos of your gifts. Perhaps, while you're working on them; when they're done and once they've been wrapped, email them to us and we'll upload them to the blog.

I'm a procrastinator.
Answer: You're not alone. Many of us are too, but don't you just love the adrenalin rush you get when you're working madly to complete a project?

Question: Will it be worth it?
Answer: Absolutely! You will be able to connect with other great Canadian mixed media artists. Arlene and Dawn have done several of these, and have never been disappointed.

Anymore questions? Just ask us. Oh, and get working on your 13 gifties already!!!!