Sunday, August 14, 2011

Swap Names for Christmas Exchange

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Look what's up next for the Canadian Chickies!!

Are you starting to collect your ideas for the Chickie  Christmas Exchange 2011?  
Here is the list of who we are making our books for :
  • Brittni --->  Martha
  • Dawn --->  Brittni
  • DeeDee --->  Dawn
  • Heather --->  Sabina
  • Martha ---> Heather
  • Sabina --->  Sara
  • Sara ---> DeeDee
Now you know who you're creating a book for!

Remeber to either create a handmade book or gussy up an existing one.  This book may be used as a handy-dandy Christmas check list go-to book or it may contain favourite recipes, poems, stories, songs etc. If you wish, you could alter a book that would be nice as a coffee table book or perhaps a guest book. The sky is the limit! 
 In addition to the book, you are welcome to include some little stocking stuffers ~ anything you wish. As always, think about what you would like to receive ~ that's a good place to start! 
There are no big rules, per se ~ but if you're mailing a book to a person, be mindful of the thickness and weight and postage costs.   Please mail out your book by November 11, 2011 

Start creating in your Big Book of Christmas!