Sunday, February 26, 2012

TaDa moment

We have some exciting news to share ... 
our very own chickie, Laura Youngren is opening up
an ever-so-lovely brick and mortar shop 
called la TaDa! vintage boutique + creative studio  
this coming Thursday, March 1, 2012! 
For Laura, this is a 20 year dream in the making.
She will carry a variety of decorating styles including:
farmhouse glam, pretty primitive, country cottage, Scandinavian and shabby chic.
With her creative mastery and sweet nature,
we're sure that everyone will be amazed by 
the shop's beautiful environment and amazing items she carries.
Laura says: "I am pleased to be offering vintage finds, home decor, gift-ware, jewelry, aromatherapy, lovely books & magazines for your home, garden & life! You will also find one of a kind handmade creations, unique & interesting re-purposed pieces, art & handcrafted goods created by myself and other artisans."

la TaDa! vintage boutique + creative studio is located in the southern Alberta town of Coaldale (approximately 14 miles out of the City of Lethbridge).

To read more about what Laura is doing with her store, check out the shop's blog at
Congratulations, Laura.
Continued success to you in your ARTastic adventure!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Big Book of Christmas

How exciting, after months of anticipation, our Big Book of Christmas swap has come to a close, and here is a peek at some of the beautiful work our Chickies did in this swap...

DeeDee to Dawn
Brown Paper Packages tied up with String ...

DeeDee sent several handmade goodies along with the Big Book of Christmas to Dawn
 This book has been prepped to be used as a Christmas memory book ~ photos do not do justice to the lovely work DeeDee put into the creation of this book!

Heather to Sabina
Heather created a potpourri of Christmas-y vintage-ness for Sabina 

So sweet!

Sabina to Sara
 A shaped book radiates a holy night of long ago ...
Sabina beautifully incorporates traditional Christmas Carols in the book

More photos of The Big Book of Christmas will be posted as they come in ~ Chickies please remember ~ to send in photos of the book you created and the book you receive. Thanks!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Swap Names for Christmas Exchange

Photo Source
Look what's up next for the Canadian Chickies!!

Are you starting to collect your ideas for the Chickie  Christmas Exchange 2011?  
Here is the list of who we are making our books for :
  • Brittni --->  Martha
  • Dawn --->  Brittni
  • DeeDee --->  Dawn
  • Heather --->  Sabina
  • Martha ---> Heather
  • Sabina --->  Sara
  • Sara ---> DeeDee
Now you know who you're creating a book for!

Remeber to either create a handmade book or gussy up an existing one.  This book may be used as a handy-dandy Christmas check list go-to book or it may contain favourite recipes, poems, stories, songs etc. If you wish, you could alter a book that would be nice as a coffee table book or perhaps a guest book. The sky is the limit! 
 In addition to the book, you are welcome to include some little stocking stuffers ~ anything you wish. As always, think about what you would like to receive ~ that's a good place to start! 
There are no big rules, per se ~ but if you're mailing a book to a person, be mindful of the thickness and weight and postage costs.   Please mail out your book by November 11, 2011 

Start creating in your Big Book of Christmas!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Introducing the Canadian Chickie Christmas Exchange 2011 ...

BIG Book of Christmas

Either create a handmade book or gussy up an existing one. This book may be used as a handy-dandy Christmas check list go-to book or it may contain favourite recipes, poems, stories, songs etc. If you wish, you could alter a book that would be nice as a coffee table book or perhaps a guest book. The sky is the limit in what you can include in this book. In addition to the book, you are welcome to include some little stocking stuffers ~ anything you wish. Think about what you would like to receive ~ that's always a good place to start! There are no big rules, per se ~ but if you're mailing a book to your person, be mindful of the thickness and weight and postage costs. In the case where you are mailing a book out, the word BIG may not be literal.

Once everyone's signed up, I will make a list of who gives to who. You will not know who you will be receiving a book from ~ part of the fun surprise!

More details will be posted on our Canadian Chickies Yahoo Group Site!
Sign up by: August 1, 2011
Mail out date: By November 11, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Let's hear from you Chickies!

Trusting all you Chickies are enjoying a wonderful Easter weekend with your families!
Please keep your imaginations in high gear
as we are looking for awesomely fantastic suggestions for the next
Canadian Chickies' artsy exchange
Should we celebrate ...
Mother's Day?
Canada Day?
or should we simply celebrate Friendship? 
Suggest a theme ... Volunteer to host...
We eagerly await to hear your suggestions
Easter Blessings to you all!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

2011 Valentine Picture Parade (installment 3)

And the last two Door Hangers which were created
for the 2011 Valentine Exchange ...

Top: Created by Kathryn
Bottom: Created by Cindy

Thank you Chickies for yet another successful swap. Anyone have ideas for our next swap? Hmm...?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2011 Valentine Picture Parade (installment 2)

How much prettiness can your heart take?

Here are 3 more Door Hangers created for the Canadian Chickies 2011 Retro Valentine Swap

Created by Dawn

Created by Sabina

Created by Martha

Can you say pretty?!
More photos coming up soon ...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Picture Parade begins ...

Created by Jennifer
Everything is looking wonderfully delicious!
Our picture parade begins with two samples of Valentine Door Hangers
Jennifer and Nicolette created for the Valentine swap.
Created by Nicolette
Tomorrow, we will see more offerings from other Chickies who participated ~ stay tuned!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Up Next ~ Chickies' 2011 Retro Valentine Swap

Several Chickies have asked about doing a Valentine's Day Swap.
So as not to disappoint, we will be doing one.
This swap be a one-for-one swap. You will swap with only one person ~
hopefully keeping the time commitment and postage to a minimum,
so we can avoid some of the difficulties
that some of us faced during the Christmas Exchange.
Here are the details...
Chickies' 2011 Retro Valentine Swap
Sign up for the swap by January 10th please.
A partner will be assigned to you.
Then find a retro Valentine image and use it
in creating a Valentine Door Hanger.
You are welcome to, but not obligated to
add a few goodies to the package you send to your swap partner.
Please send a photo of your wrapped and unwrapped gift to Mother Hen
so she can post photos on our blog!
Remember to keep your parcel skinny and light ~
remember Canada Post charges big bucks for anything with any bulk or weight.
Mail your giftie to your partner by February 1st, 2011.
On February 14th, we'll open our gifties!
I hope everyone will join in the fun.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Let it Snow ~ Day 12

What giftie do we have today? Ever innovative, Cindy has created unique jar snowmen for us all ~ each one with its very own personality!

This is Day 12 ~ can you believe our swap has come to a conclusion? Thank you to all the participants. You have made the wait for Christmas Day so much more cheery. Way to go Chickies ~ we look forward to our next swap.

Have a safe and happy holiday. Merry Christmas to you all!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Let Heaven & Nature Sing ~ Day 11

Festive and fun is how you can describe the nature-infused jewellery pieces Jennifer created for us on Day 11. The pin is made out of a bottle cap and the pendant a Scrabble tile ~ we love green gifts!

She cleverly wrapped them in a paper stocking too, which would look cute all on its own hanging on a tree or mantle.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Retro moments ~ Day 10

Every morning during this swap, I sit down at my computer with my tea and open the day's gift, eagerly anticipating the surprise that awaits me. I haven't been disappointed. Not once!

It would appear that Nicolette was in a retro mood when she so skillfully created the Chickies some delightful Christmas hanging decorations.

Can you believe there are only TWO more days after today?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Love takes wing ~ Day 9

You just know that the gift Kim hand crafted for us on Day 9 is made with love. Not only did she include some of her famous Rock my World Rocks, but just look at this super soft, hand dyed heart! It reads Love = Courage: perfect to sit in the tree during Christmas time and any other place throughout the year as a reminder.

Monday, December 20, 2010

By the book ~ Day 8

Heather provided a little hint of what to expect inside, when she placed the beautifully collaged bookmark (Kim's pictured here) on the outside of her gift for us on Day 8.
Inside was a gorgeous vintage-y composition book. (compare the before and after photos!).
I'm sure we'll all have no problem at all putting our books to good use!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Vintage Christmas ~ Day 7

Day 7 is Dawn's day to create for the Canadian Chickies
She created little Vintage Hang Ups along with Crystal Key Necklaces for each Chickie using the "likes" of everyone and incorporating them into her designs.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Joy to you ~ Day 6

We're half way there, Chickies. It's Day 6 and Sabina has prepared a special surprise tucked into these lovely silky sacks for all of us!

Just look how Sabina so ingeniously is using all those baby food jars these days! It is a precious cherub/fairy in a bottle! Don't you love the cotton batting snow and the dangling snowflakes. So pretty. So precious.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Banner Day ~ Day 5

You could say Day 5 of the Canadian Chickies Exchange is a banner day,
thanks to Martha.

She handmade us a very sweet Joy banner that is sure to add a special touch
wherever we all decide to hang it.

Joy to the World!

Matchless Wonder ~ Day 4

Kathryn went all out to create something that matches up to our "likes" on the 4th day of Christmas (forgive the pun), when she created a beautiful little Matchbook necklace for us. I think I may put mine on my Christmas tree since it's so pretty and glittery!
She invites us to tuck in a special quote, thought or dream in the matchbox.
What a great idea, Kathryn!