Friday, July 8, 2011

Introducing the Canadian Chickie Christmas Exchange 2011 ...

BIG Book of Christmas

Either create a handmade book or gussy up an existing one. This book may be used as a handy-dandy Christmas check list go-to book or it may contain favourite recipes, poems, stories, songs etc. If you wish, you could alter a book that would be nice as a coffee table book or perhaps a guest book. The sky is the limit in what you can include in this book. In addition to the book, you are welcome to include some little stocking stuffers ~ anything you wish. Think about what you would like to receive ~ that's always a good place to start! There are no big rules, per se ~ but if you're mailing a book to your person, be mindful of the thickness and weight and postage costs. In the case where you are mailing a book out, the word BIG may not be literal.

Once everyone's signed up, I will make a list of who gives to who. You will not know who you will be receiving a book from ~ part of the fun surprise!

More details will be posted on our Canadian Chickies Yahoo Group Site!
Sign up by: August 1, 2011
Mail out date: By November 11, 2011

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