Monday, December 20, 2010

By the book ~ Day 8

Heather provided a little hint of what to expect inside, when she placed the beautifully collaged bookmark (Kim's pictured here) on the outside of her gift for us on Day 8.
Inside was a gorgeous vintage-y composition book. (compare the before and after photos!).
I'm sure we'll all have no problem at all putting our books to good use!


  1. I absolutely LOVE my note book can't wait to start writing in it. I am going to take it to work and be the envy of all of my friends

  2. Heather, you know my heart! I shall write many things, and admire the cover when I hit writer's block...perhaps I shall write about the couple and their young lad.

  3. So sad mine got lost. :( Did it turn up at your house Dawn?