Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Retro moments ~ Day 10

Every morning during this swap, I sit down at my computer with my tea and open the day's gift, eagerly anticipating the surprise that awaits me. I haven't been disappointed. Not once!

It would appear that Nicolette was in a retro mood when she so skillfully created the Chickies some delightful Christmas hanging decorations.

Can you believe there are only TWO more days after today?


  1. I love my retro Santa, Nic. He's hanging from one of my wall sconces and looks very jolly there. The beading embellies really add to the wonderousness of it. Thanks!
    ~ Dawn.

  2. Thanks for the Santa Nicolette! He is bringing much jolliness to our Christmas tree <3

  3. I love the ornament!!!! This one will be on my tree forever more now!!!!