Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 8

Our displaced-Canadian friend,
the lovely, the talented, Kim Mailhot who is currently living

in the US, is responsible for these intriguing gifts.

Inside the heart shaped paper basket is a tiny treasure which we will open up on Day 8. Love the stamp on your cards, don't you? Wonder if Kim carved it herself.


  1. Pretty! Presents! My two fave things!

  2. BTW, great links! Good job Dawn!

  3. Yay ! They look good in the photo - don't know about in person after their harrowing journey but what the hay ! The stamp on the cards is is a Clearly Impressed stamp, I think, from quite a few years ago that I love ! Wish I had carved it myself but it is one of my favs !
    We are almost there !!!