Friday, February 27, 2009

New name ~ new look!

Are you confused yet? Keeping the Canadian Valentine blog going seemed like a good idea, but it also made sense to change the name, header and background for a more year round place to play. The name came to me in a dream one night after the Valentine swap was over, so naturally I decided that it was destiny that we use this name for any swapping stuff we do. Thus the name Canadian Chickies!

On this post, I'll share some of the headers I created before I settled on the one that I finally chose. Do you think I chose the right one?
Hope so.

The-Mother-of-All-Apron-Swap's title is thanks to Kim ~ amazing title! We're still open to having people join this swap for a few more days. All you have to do is either sew a cool apron or gussy up an existing one. But you only have to make one! We will exchange aprons in time for Mother's Day. Whether you're a mother or not ~ doesn't matter, you can join. So let's say March 1st is the deadline for sign ups. Leave a comment here or email me to let me know you want to be a part of this cool swap.

Don't you think we have a very nice core group of artists here? We've established some great friendships which is awesome. Let's keep in touch, people.
Oh! and I've
changed the Yahoo group too, to Canadian Art Swaps. Thinking out loud here ... maybe I should change that name to Canadian Chickies too. Let me know what you think. Is our tranformation almost complete?
I hope so!


  1. Nice new look and concept Dawn. Now we know why we pay you the big bucks. Consider your salary doubled!!!
    arlene...sho is thinking being a southern girl sounds mighty tempting this week with the -39 Canadian weather. (Or should that be "weath-ah"?)

  2. Very cute chickies. Yes, I agree that your salary should double! I am so tired of this stooooopid cold weather too. It felt like spring yesterday morning, at 7 degrees, but promptly fell to minus 15 later in the day.