Friday, May 8, 2009

Retro apron , simply lovely

Jennifer really outdid herself in creating an apron with vintage-y flair for Dawn. One can only appreciate wearing this beauty when one has a hot pink feather duster, a cookbook in hand and high heals, bright red lipstick on!

This has been an amazing swap, wouldn't you agree? Each and every apron is so personal and sweet. Thank you Canadian Chickies for making this swap a enormous success!


  1. Ooo-La-la! Dawn, this look is definitely YOU! LOL Beautiful apron! I love the fabric, and the nice big pockets.
    Yes, the heels were a must.

  2. Wow ! How gorgeous ! I think we need to bring that happy housewife look back - red lipstick, high heels and a work-of-art apron - the perfect outfit for any arty lady !

    Lovely job Jennifer ! Wish I could be there for cocktail hour, Dawn. Cosmo anyone ? ;-)

    Love Kim