Monday, March 15, 2010

Join the New Chickie Swap!

Canadian Chickies, listen up! We have a new swap coming up and we welcome YOU to join in the fun!

Now I can hear some of you already starting to form excuses in your heads why you shouldn't join in this swap, but please fiirst let me say that even though this is called Mother's Day Door Hanger Swap, you do NOT have to be a mother to join this swap. The only qualification that you need for this swap, is that you have had a mother sometime during your lifetime! I can also assure you that it won't take THAT much effort to be a part of this swap. Canadian Chickies, we like to keep our swaps simple. Minimal work, minimal commitment and maximum loveliness! Please read on and join us this time round.

Mother's Day Door Hanger Swap
To sign up, go to our Yahoo site, in the Database under Mother's Day Door Hanger 2010. Once we have all the sign ups, you will be assigned a partner for the swap. Everyone will be asked to create a Door Hanger for their partner ~ simple as that. Make a pretty little something that your partner can hang on a door in her home that she can sit and enjoy. If you're wondering what your partner likes, check out the Things I Like in the Database to help you create the perfect door hanger just for her.

Sign up by March 25th
Mail out by April 25th
(so that the hangers will reach
their destinations by May 9th)

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  1. I would LOVE to join this swap ALAS I AM becoming a mother again --- a grandmother ---and will be looking after the little one! I will have no time and also no space to create as I have packed up ALL of my craft things to make room for the little guy! I will be sitting on pins and needles to see what everyone else creates though!!!!!!! Have fun!!! :)